Mapping Your Auction123 Images to eBay’s Gallery Images

eBay’s Picture Services allows up to 24 images to be uploaded directly to, with your first 12 images being free for each eBay Motors listing. These images display in the eBay gallery at the top of your listing and are prominent in the mobile view of your eBay ad. The Auction123 system automatically sends the maximum number of free images available to the eBay gallery. However, you have the ability to increase the number of images sent for all listings from your default eBay settings.

We’ve added a new setting that allows you to select which images in the Auction123 system are used for the eBay Picture Services. This provides an opportunity to create a better representation of the vehicle within the 12-24 images that are uploaded directly to eBay, especially if you capture images in the same order for each car.

Picture Services Mappings

To set the order of your eBay images:

  • Click on Account Settings under the Preferences section in the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Click on the eBay tab.
  • Locate the “eBay Picture Service” section and turn on the switch for “Enable Manual Photo Ordering”.
  • Set which Auction123 image slot should be used for each of the eBay Picture Services images.
  • When you have finished setting the order, click Save.

eBay Listing Subscription Package Counter

ebay package counter

If you have an eBay listing subscription package, you can now easily track how many insertions are remaining on your package directly from your Auction123 Dashboard! Located next to the Auction123 Support Live Help link, you can quickly review the number of listings you have available on your eBay package for the month. Hover your mouse over the icon to review additional details including how many listings you’ve used and the expiration date of the remaining insertions you have available.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Adding a Condition Description to Your eBay Listings

You may have noticed a section within the Item Specifics section called “Seller Notes” on some eBay listings. This area is what eBay calls your “Item Condition Description”. This field is useful to add information that is related to the condition of your vehicle for your shoppers to see immediately upon landing on your ad. Any information you add here should also be included within your listing description.



You can now add content to the Seller Notes section from within your Auction123 Dashboard. Simply navigate to the Listing Editor and enter the Condition Description of your listing. Once your eBay ad is launched, the content you enter in this field will populate on your eBay listing. You are allowed to enter up to 1,000 characters in this space to describe the condition of your vehicle. Be sure to include anything you enter within your listing description as well.


Please let us know if you have any questions!

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New Automated Posting Process for eBay National Listings

Auction123 understands that one of the major challenges faced by dealers who depend on eBay as part of their online marketing program is the time and energy it takes to create and manage their listings. We have worked closely with eBay to develop and implement tools which streamline and automate the listing process and the management of live listings! Simply let us now how many Auction Style or Fixed Priced ads you would like to go live each month, which days of the week you would like for us to post, your preferred pricing format, and our system will do the rest! By eliminating the need for manual interaction, you can now focus primarily on working with the bids, offers, and questions received from eBay listings as you do with any other online classified site or marketplace!

Inventory Selection:

The first step is to determine which inventory will be eligible to list. Choose from a variety of filters such as condition, price range, year range, minimum image count, and include or exclude certain makes and/or models. Next, choose how Auction123 will select from the vehicles that are eligible to be listed. We can systematically take a snapshot of the makes or the models included in your subset of eligible inventory and be sure that the number of listings we push live match the ratios that exist within your subset! Want us to push your aging units live first? No problem! We have priority settings in place to let you choose how we should prioritize which vehicles should go live by vehicle age, price, or model year.

Inventory Launch:

Now that we know which inventory you want to go live, we can set the days and time you want us to list for you. Simply tell us which days you prefer to have your eBay listings go live, and our system will do the rest. You can also decide if we should continue to relisted your initial ads until sold or if you would want us to automatically rotate which vehicles we push live from the pool of eligible inventory.

Listing Format:

Do you prefer to list your vehicles in the Auction style format or would you rather have vehicles live in the Buy It Now format? How about a mix of both? Simply tell us how many listings should go live in each format each month, or tell us a percentage of your active inventory you want to go live on eBay Motors. For your Auction style listings, we can set the duration, your preferred starting price (either a fixed amount or a percentage of your Internet price), and if you would like a Buy It Now included or not. For your Fixed Price ads, let us know the duration, what percentage your Buy It Now should be of your Internet price, and if you would like the Best Offer option included or not.

Automated Listing Management:

Once inventory has been launched to eBay, we have a series of processes and settings to allow for automated listing management. These solutions allow you to simply work the leads and respond to questions that are submitted from your ads.

  • Revisions – We can automatically revise eligible live listings with pricing and data updates generated from the import source (DMS, Service Provider, Pricing Tool, etc.).
  • Sold Vehicles – We can automatically end vehicles that have been marked sold from the import source, reducing the likelihood of a “double sale” of a vehicle on the lot and on eBay.
  • Automated Title Generator – eBay provides a space to enter 80 characters of searchable text for customers to find your listings. We offer settings to automate this process by allowing you to choose the data fields to be included in the title and the order in which it should be presented.
  • Auto Lower Reserve – eBay recommends you lower the Reserve on your auction style listings 2-4 times per 7 day listing. We’ve included a setting to automate this process by lowering the Reserve price $1 on the schedule you set.
  • Auto Decline of Best Offers – Setting which auto declines any Best Offer that is less that X% of your Buy It Now price or Classified price.
  • Bidder Contact Distribution – Choose to not send bids to your CRM or email that are less than X% of the Reserve price. These leads will be held within your Auction123 Dashboard in the event you wish to push them to the CRM at a later date.
  • Best Offer Distribution – Choose to not send declined Best Offers to your CRM or email. These leads will be held within your Auction123 Dashboard in the event you wish to push them to the CRM at a later date.

If you are interested in setting up our Automated eBay Posting service, please call us at (888) 514-0123, Option 2 or email

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Free eBay eDealer Seminar – Houston, Texas – Tuesday, March 18th

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eDealer Training Conference – Houston, TX Tuesday, March 18th
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eBay Motors is hosting an eDealer Training Conference for Select Dealers. You and your management team are invited to attend the best internet training conference of the year! Learn the processes that the top internet dealerships are using to broaden their marketplace and sell more cars.

Agenda Items:
• Why Buyers Shop Online and What Makes eBay Motors a Different Shopping Experience
• Vehicle Merchandising – Your Online First Impression to Creating a Virtual Test Drive
• Listing Content – Vehicle Descriptions and Keywords to Generate Phone Calls
• Vehicle Listing Strategy – Using the Auction to Generate Leads & when to use Buy It Now
• Lead Management – Call Structure and Talk Tracks of Top Dealers to convert bidders into buyers

To Register Call: (888) 480-2133 or

Benefits to Attending:
In addition to the training, you will be provided a Dealer Consultant from eBay, an Operations Blueprint for selling vehicles on eBay and up to 30% off eBay listings. The combination of the training, the consulting and the book, has proven to be the absolute best way to improve your success on eBay or get you started off on the right foot.

The goal is for you see how to sell on eBay the right way, generate high quality leads with eBay auctions and leverage the benefits of being a franchise dealership on eBay to sell everyday cars.

Seminar Details:
Date: Tuesday, March 18th, 2013
Time: 9:30 am – 12:00 noon
Location: Hilton Houston Post Oak
2001 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, Texas 77056-4401 713.961.9300

Cost: None

Register Today: (888) 480-2133 or email
Please Note: This event is designed for your management team.
To attend please RSVP with the following:
1st Attendee: Principal, General Manager or General Sales Manager
2nd Attendee: Used Car Manager, Sales Manager or Internet Sales Manager
eBay also suggests a third person


New eBay Lead Distribution Settings – Control Which eBay Leads Auction123 Delivers to Your CRM or Email

The placement of your eBay ads in eBay’s search results depends on a variety of criteria. Listings posted by Top Rated Sellers will show up at the top of the search results. The listings that follow are ranked by their activity or “popularity”, based on the number of page views, bids, and offers received. To generate the most activity on your listings, eBay recommends you utilize the Auction format and follow a simple pricing strategy; Set your starting price low ($100), utilize a Reserve (the price you want for the unit) which cannot be seen by shoppers, and do not use a Buy It Now. This format is proven to produce the most amount of activity, subsequently boosting your listing higher in search!

Using this strategy can sometimes result in an overabundance of unique bids due to the low starting price. Auction123 sends a notification with the contact information for the first bid from any bidder on a particular item, not for EVERY bid from that bidder. Many eBay bidders setup proxy bidding, where they set an amount they allow eBay to bid up to on their behalf. Unfortunately, you can never know if the $100 bid received is from a person who has proxy bidding setup to go up to $25,000! This is why Auction123 recommends you contact each and every bid notification we deliver, as there is no indication what this person will be bidding up to. This is also why we urge you to actively observe your listings from within your Auction123 Dashboard so you can see how high the bidding is going.

  • Example: Your listing has 3 unique bidders. You received a bidder notification from Auction123 with the contact information upon receiving each bid for $100, $200, and $300 respectively. Unless you actively observe the bid activity from within the Auction123 Dashboard, you will not know the current bid amount on the listing.

We receive a lot of requests from dealers who want more control over which leads are delivered to their CRM from their eBay listings. As a result, we’ve added new settings that allows you to determine if we deliver leads outside of a set percentage of your Reserve or if we should deliver any auto-declined Best Offers.

To enable the lead distribution settings for your eBay leads, follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to the Preferences menu on the left-hand side of your Dashboard and click Account.
  • Click on the eBay tab.
  • Expand the Lead Distribution menu.


  • If you do NOT want to receive the contact information for anyone who placed an Auto Declined Best Offer, check the corresponding box. You will have the opportunity to go into the listing and force send these filtered leads to either your email or CRM.
  • If you only want to receive the contact information for bidders whose bid amount has reached a certain percentage of your Reserve, check the corresponding box and set your percentage. You will have the opportunity to go into the listing and force send these filtered leads to either your email or CRM.

Keep in mind that if a shopper has proxy bidding set to a high amount, but the bidding never reaches a price that falls within your distribution criteria, you will not receive that bidder’s contact information unless you manually send the bidder to your email or CRM.

To send any restricted lead to your email or CRM, follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to the listing in your Auction123 Dashboard and from the Listing Details section, click on the number next to your total Unique Bids or Best Offers to view all that were received for that listing. You can also click Show Listing Activity under the Actions for this Listing menu to view all Bids, Offers, or Questions received for the selected listing.
  • Select the lead that you would like to push through and click either Send to Email or Send to CRM.


Please contact Auction123 support at or via phone at (888) 514-0123, Option 2 if you have any questions.

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eBay Motors Offering Monthly Listing Subscription Packages to Dealers

Starting the week of August 19th, eBay Motors will offer dealers the opportunity to obtain subscription listing packages. These packages will lock users in with a discounted package pricing for the length of their subscription term. Dealers can choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages that range from 5 to 100 listings per month. Those with a strong eBay marketing initiative can secure their monthly package pricing for a 12 month term with the highest savings off the standard cost per listing. For those who aren’t ready to make a full year commitment, eBay is also offering discounted packages for 3 month terms. All subscriptions come with a free Basic Store —a $19.95/month value!

For tips and strategies on how to get the most out of eBay Motors using Auction123’s eBay listing software, contact our support department today at (888) 514-0123, Option 2. As an eBay Preferred Provider, we are continuously enhancing our eBay integration to ensure your listings draw attention while generating the highest number of leads.

Sign up for your optional subscription in just a few easy steps. Go to My eBay > Accounts > Subscriptions. Once you’re signed up, you’ll see your subscription on your monthly selling invoice and be able to manage your subscription from My eBay. You may sign up through eBay Dealer Support (855-532-2966) if you still need assistance.

  • If you’re not sure what subscription package is best for you, contact eBay Dealer Support at 855-532-2966.
  • Once you’ve subscribed, contact Dealer Support for assistance with creating your eBay Basic Store.
  • Be sure to use all of the listings in your subscription package each month, as any unused listings won’t roll over into the next month.
3-month Term
Subscription Quantity Savings* Monthly Rate Cost/Listing
Bronze 5 5% $237.50 $47.50
Silver 20 8% $920.00 $46.00
Gold 50 10% $2,250.00 $45.00
Platinum 100 15% $4,250.00 $42.50
12-month Term
Subscription Quantity Savings* Monthly Rate Cost/Listing
Bronze 5 10% $225.00 $45.00
Silver 20 15% $850.00 $42.50
Gold 50 20% $2,000.00 $40.00
Platinum 100 25% $3,750.00 $37.50

*Savings based on insertion fees paid for Cars & Trucks, RVs & Campers, and Commercial Trucks. Savings for all other vehicle types may vary by category.