CARFAX History Report Enhancements

CARFAX has launched CARFAX Connect which enhances the way Auction123 communicates with and retrieves Vehicle History Reports from your CARFAX account.

This new enhancement will give you:

  • Quick access to the most accident and damage information from CARFAX; 
  • Easy auto-run functionality of CARFAX Vehicle History Reports for Advantage customers; and, 
  • Better access management and tracking of who is running CARFAX Vehicle History Reports for your dealership across all third party tools.   

To continue to retrieve CARFAX Vehicle History Reports through Auction123 and have access to these exciting new features, you will need to update your CARFAX settings in your Auction123 account.

If you have an email username from CARFAX, please go to the Account Settings page in your Auction123 dashboard, once there click the History Reports tab and then click the new “Log in to CARFAX” button.  Simply enter your CARFAX email username and password to access CARFAX Reports.   

If you do not have an email username from CARFAX or have forgotten your username, please reach out to CARFAX for more assistance.  

Start Selling on letgo with Auction123’s Seamless Integration

Auction123 is now a letgo Authorized Partner, offering dealers the opportunity to list and sell vehicles on the biggest app for buying and selling locally! In the past 6 months alone, dealerships and sellers have listed over 3.3 million cars on letgo, generating over 150 million messages. As one of the fastest growing apps in America, letgo has been downloaded over 100 million times. Through letgo PRO, dealers can now automatically list their inventory on letgo through Auction123’s seamless integration. Best of all, letgo PRO is free for 30-days to new users. After the initial 30-days, affordable subscriptions are available based on your inventory volume.

letgo PRO dealers have access to exclusive features on the site, including:

  • Automated inventory integration and updates.
  • PRO badge for your letgo profile.
  • Map pins for your dealership’s location
  • Click-to-call and call tracking.
  • Weekly performance stats report.
  • Shortcuts in the app to connect with leads.

To get started with letgo PRO, contact Auction123 today at (888) 514-0123, Option 2 or email The Auction123 team will connect you with letgo to get started! To enable the feed from your Auction123 account, you will need to be subscribed to our letgo integration package.

We are excited to bring this opportunity to your dealership, helping you to reach millions of interested car buyers on letgo!

Craigslist Campaign Solutions Added to Auction123’s Automated Listing Tools

Campaign solutions

Easily Target Local Buyers with
Hands-Free Craigslist Campaigns

We’ve launched a new enhancement to the Auction123 Automated Craigslist Application offering complete control over how you market inventory on Craigslist! Our Craigslist Campaign Solutions provide the opportunity to customize every setting in our Craigslist automation system, allowing you to tailor all aspects of your Craigslist postings on a campaign by campaign basis.  By creating campaigns for your Craigslist marketing initiative, you can free up your time to focus on working with your leads and eliminate the time spent posting and managing your Craigslist ads.

With our Craigslist Campaign Solutions, you can:

  • Customize ad content based on the type of inventory being posted.
  • Set different budgets for each Craigslist location you post to.
  • Launch ads at specific times throughout the day.
  • Upload unique watermarks for each campaign.
  • Assign contacts per region or by inventory type.
  • A/B test to see which campaigns generate the most traffic.

Creating targeted Craigslist marketing campaigns provides even more flexibility to our Craigslist automation by targeting exactly where you want, when you want, and how you want. Set up your Craigslist campaigns one time and allow our hands-free automation to take over the entire listing process.

Call (888) 514-0123 or email to get started today!

Auction123 Enhances System with CARFAX History-Based Value Pricing Tool


Sell More Vehicles & Earn More Profit
with Competitively Priced Inventory

CARFAX Advantage Dealers using Auction123’s solutions for dealer websites, inventory management, and automated marketing tools for sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay, can now check vehicle pricing against the CARFAX History-Based Value for all used inventory within your Auction123 system. The CARFAX History-Based Value goes beyond just suggesting retail pricing by weighing both the market value of a specific vehicle along with each VIN’s unique history to create a more accurate pricing model for your dealership’s inventory.

CARFAX’s History-Based Value offers a deeper insight, taking into account each vehicle’s information including number of accidents, number of owners, and service history. With this powerful data, you can easily determine how each specific VIN should be priced, instead of pricing based solely on the market value of vehicles that match the options and condition of select makes and models.

Filter your inventory to view VINs priced above or below the CARFAX History-Based Value and review the data that contributed to the value of each vehicle. Interested in how the trim, color, condition, and added features for each VIN can affect the CARFAX History-Based Value? We’ve added a tool to see how changes to the vehicle data affects pricing, helping you to identify the best vehicles to source in the future.

This powerful pricing tool is FREE with your Auction123 subscription and available to all CARFAX Advantage Dealers. Contact the Auction123 team to get your CARFAX account information synced with your Auction123 system to start taking advantage of this enhancement today!

Auction123 System Enhancement – Reporting Tools

MicrosoftTeams-image (27)

Your Auction123 Dashboard has been updated to consolidate all system reports in one centralized location named “Reporting Tools”. This option can be found under the Utilities section of the left-hand navigation menu. Within this area, you will find all eBay Reports, Inventory Reports, and Call Tracking Leads.  With this update, we’ve also improved the speed and functionality of our Inventory Report, making it even easier to pull and view reports to see inventory that meets specific search criteria.

MicrosoftTeams-image (28)

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