Adding Global Videos to Your Auction123 Template

You can now add videos to the Auction123 system that will appear globally in your Auction123 VDPs and eBay templates. Once added, you can then update your template to position the new global video wherever you want it displayed. This feature is especially useful when you have a dealership commercial or marketing video you would like included in all of your listings. This update also lets you display multiple videos within your Auction123 template.


To add a global video:

  • Click on Account Settings under the Preferences section in the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Click on the Video tab.
  • Enter the YouTube Video ID or paste the entire YouTube video URL, then click Save. Continue this process if you want to display multiple global videos in your template.
    adding global video to Auction123
  • Under the Preferences section of the left-hand navigation menu, click Template.
  • Click on Widgets in the top menu, select the Additional tab, and locate the Video module.
  • Drag the Video module to where you would like your Global video to display in your template.
  • Hover your mouse over the video module you just placed and click on the pencil icon. From here select in the drop down the global video you would like displayed in this section.
    • Note: Leaving the dropdown set to “Default” will display a the vehicle specific video. If there is no vehicle specific video, the video module will not display in the template.
  • Once you have added your Global video, repeat the process to add any additional global videos.
  • Be sure to include a Video module set to Default in the event your inventory ever has a vehicle specific video.


Adding vehicle specific videos to your inventory in the Auction123 system is a breeze! For a refresher on how to do this, review our blog post here:


Adding Your YouTube Video to Auction123 – Updated Process

YouTube removed the ability to access the “Old Embed Code” for your uploaded YouTube videos some time ago. As you may be aware, eBay does not accept the embed code YouTube now provides. In an effort to make the process of adding your YouTube videos to your Auction123 Dashboard easier so they will appear in your eBay listings, we’ve modified the process. You will no longer need to utilize a 3rd party embed code converter to implement your YouTube videos. Simply grab the YouTube ID for your video, or copy the direct link to your YouTube video, and paste it within the YouTube ID section located in the “Edit Third Party Video” screen of the Dashboard. Your YouTube video will now be associated with your vehicle and ready to list to eBay without any extra effort.

Adding your YouTube Video to the Auction123 Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the YouTube video you would like to associate with a unit in your Dashboard.
  • Locate the YouTube ID in your URL. This is the text within the URL that appears after the equals (=) sign. Another option is to copy the entire URL. The Auction123 system will automatically seek and extract the YouTube ID from the URL.

YouTube ID

  • Navigate to the unit in the Auction123 Dashboard you would like to associate with the YouTube video.
  • Click on “Edit Third Party Video” within the Actions for this Item or Actions for this Listing menus.
  • Paste the video ID or the entire URL into the field titled YouTube ID and click Save. If you paste the entire URL, the Auction123 system will automatically seek and extract the YouTube ID from the URL.

YouTubeID Dashboard

  • Your video is now associated with the selected unit and will be in the acceptable format for posting to eBay. Be sure your eBay Template includes the video module so your newly added video will display in your listing. To confirm, navigate to the Preferences section within the left-hand navigation menu and click on Template. Confirm the Video module appears within your default template, or if you’ve saved specific templates for eBay and Local Market, confirm the module is included within those layouts.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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