Auction123 Named Platinum Award Winner for Best Online Inventory Marketing Tools in the 2014 Dealers’ Choice Awards

A very BIG ‘Thank You’ to all who nominated and voted for Auction123 as your favorite Online Inventory Marketing Tool provider! We are honored to be named as the recipient of the Platinum Award and look forward to continuing to provide our dealers with the best inventory marketing tools available!


Auction123, the leading provider of inventory marketing solutions for dealerships of all vehicle categories, is honored to be the recipient of the Platinum Award for Best Online Inventory Marketing Tools in Auto Dealer Monthly’s 2014 Dealers’ Choice Awards. This marks the fifth year Auction123 has been recognized in these awards.

Hundreds of dealers voted in the 10th annual Dealers’ Choice Awards, which recognize the most highly-regarded vendors, suppliers, and finance companies in the retail automotive industry. Voters were able to list their favorite vendors in a total of 27 categories and score each vendor based on the product or service itself, customer support and service, value, and whether they would recommend the company to another dealer. “Each year, the high standards of dealers are reflected in the results of the Dealers’ Choice Awards voting, and this year is no exception,” said David Gesualdo, publisher of Auto Dealer Monthly and F&I and Showroom. “The winners have set a high standard for themselves and for the industry as a whole.”

“We are driven to develop innovative products and services that remedy the challenges dealers face on a day-to-day basis when marketing their inventory to the top online marketplaces”, said Ray Basha, C.E.O of Auction123, Inc. “Being consistently recognized by dealers for our Online Inventory Marketing tools in the annual Dealers’ Choice Awards is a huge honor. We are excited about our latest enhancements to our eBay and Craigslist tools and look forward to supporting our dealers with the unparalleled service they expect from everyone here at Auction123.”

In 2014, Auction123 greatly enhanced their suite of inventory marketing tools by creating fully automated listing processes for both eBay and Craigslist. These new features provide dealers with a hands-free solution for launching and managing their vehicle listings on these high traffic sites. Unlike other automated solutions, the Auction123 tool offers dealers with full control over which inventory should go live and the days and times the ads should be listed. Dealers seeking more control over the posting process have the option of manually scheduling their vehicles to go live on the day, time, and marketplace they choose.

Recently, Auction123’s Craigslist application was highlighted as a Powersports’ Business Nifty 50 – Top Products and Services of 2014. Auction123 was also honored to be voted as the highest rated Inventory Management Provider in the 2014 Dealer Marketing Magazine Technology Leadership Awards.

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eBay Listing Subscription Package Counter

ebay package counter

If you have an eBay listing subscription package, you can now easily track how many insertions are remaining on your package directly from your Auction123 Dashboard! Located next to the Auction123 Support Live Help link, you can quickly review the number of listings you have available on your eBay package for the month. Hover your mouse over the icon to review additional details including how many listings you’ve used and the expiration date of the remaining insertions you have available.

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Adding a Condition Description to Your eBay Listings

You may have noticed a section within the Item Specifics section called “Seller Notes” on some eBay listings. This area is what eBay calls your “Item Condition Description”. This field is useful to add information that is related to the condition of your vehicle for your shoppers to see immediately upon landing on your ad. Any information you add here should also be included within your listing description.



You can now add content to the Seller Notes section from within your Auction123 Dashboard. Simply navigate to the Listing Editor and enter the Condition Description of your listing. Once your eBay ad is launched, the content you enter in this field will populate on your eBay listing. You are allowed to enter up to 1,000 characters in this space to describe the condition of your vehicle. Be sure to include anything you enter within your listing description as well.


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Assign Your Listings to Your Custom eBay Store Categories

Utilizing an eBay store is an excellent way to promote your listings and drive traffic to all of your ads. When you open an eBay Store, you will have a unique URL you can promote both on and off eBay. Your eBay Store will be picked up by search engines, providing an easy way to increase your dealership’s online footprint. Within your eBay store, you have the ability to create store categories to better assist your shoppers in finding the exact inventory they are searching for.

Auction123 has added support for assigning listings to your custom store categories from within your Auction123 Dashboard! Once your eBay account is synced with your Auction123 account, we can pull down all of your existing store categories so you can easily associate each listing without needing to log into your eBay account!


Once you have created your eBay listing within the Auction123 Dashboard, simply enter the Listing Editor and click Edit Category.


A list of your existing eBay Store Categories will be displayed. Select the category you want the listing to be filtered to, and click Save. You can select up to two store categories per listing.


Your store shoppers can now easily view the listings sorted by the custom categories you create within your eBay store.

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New Automated Posting Process for eBay National Listings

Auction123 understands that one of the major challenges faced by dealers who depend on eBay as part of their online marketing program is the time and energy it takes to create and manage their listings. We have worked closely with eBay to develop and implement tools which streamline and automate the listing process and the management of live listings! Simply let us now how many Auction Style or Fixed Priced ads you would like to go live each month, which days of the week you would like for us to post, your preferred pricing format, and our system will do the rest! By eliminating the need for manual interaction, you can now focus primarily on working with the bids, offers, and questions received from eBay listings as you do with any other online classified site or marketplace!

Inventory Selection:

The first step is to determine which inventory will be eligible to list. Choose from a variety of filters such as condition, price range, year range, minimum image count, and include or exclude certain makes and/or models. Next, choose how Auction123 will select from the vehicles that are eligible to be listed. We can systematically take a snapshot of the makes or the models included in your subset of eligible inventory and be sure that the number of listings we push live match the ratios that exist within your subset! Want us to push your aging units live first? No problem! We have priority settings in place to let you choose how we should prioritize which vehicles should go live by vehicle age, price, or model year.

Inventory Launch:

Now that we know which inventory you want to go live, we can set the days and time you want us to list for you. Simply tell us which days you prefer to have your eBay listings go live, and our system will do the rest. You can also decide if we should continue to relisted your initial ads until sold or if you would want us to automatically rotate which vehicles we push live from the pool of eligible inventory.

Listing Format:

Do you prefer to list your vehicles in the Auction style format or would you rather have vehicles live in the Buy It Now format? How about a mix of both? Simply tell us how many listings should go live in each format each month, or tell us a percentage of your active inventory you want to go live on eBay Motors. For your Auction style listings, we can set the duration, your preferred starting price (either a fixed amount or a percentage of your Internet price), and if you would like a Buy It Now included or not. For your Fixed Price ads, let us know the duration, what percentage your Buy It Now should be of your Internet price, and if you would like the Best Offer option included or not.

Automated Listing Management:

Once inventory has been launched to eBay, we have a series of processes and settings to allow for automated listing management. These solutions allow you to simply work the leads and respond to questions that are submitted from your ads.

  • Revisions – We can automatically revise eligible live listings with pricing and data updates generated from the import source (DMS, Service Provider, Pricing Tool, etc.).
  • Sold Vehicles – We can automatically end vehicles that have been marked sold from the import source, reducing the likelihood of a “double sale” of a vehicle on the lot and on eBay.
  • Automated Title Generator – eBay provides a space to enter 80 characters of searchable text for customers to find your listings. We offer settings to automate this process by allowing you to choose the data fields to be included in the title and the order in which it should be presented.
  • Auto Lower Reserve – eBay recommends you lower the Reserve on your auction style listings 2-4 times per 7 day listing. We’ve included a setting to automate this process by lowering the Reserve price $1 on the schedule you set.
  • Auto Decline of Best Offers – Setting which auto declines any Best Offer that is less that X% of your Buy It Now price or Classified price.
  • Bidder Contact Distribution – Choose to not send bids to your CRM or email that are less than X% of the Reserve price. These leads will be held within your Auction123 Dashboard in the event you wish to push them to the CRM at a later date.
  • Best Offer Distribution – Choose to not send declined Best Offers to your CRM or email. These leads will be held within your Auction123 Dashboard in the event you wish to push them to the CRM at a later date.

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