Attention North Carolina and Southern VA Dealers – RSVP for the eBay Motors Regional Workshop – Wednesday, August 26th

eBay Motors Regional Workshop – The Online Sales Playbook

Raleigh/Durham, NC. Wednesday, August 26th 2015

Attention:  General Managers-

For the first and only time this year, eBay Motors is coming to Raleigh/Durham, NC.  With over 150 million active users worldwide, eBay has become an integral part of any business looking for growth opportunities.

When you attend this class, eBay will show you exactly what you need to have success as well as offer resources to help get you started.

eBay’s goal is to take dealerships currently using eBay to the next level and help those that are new to eBay take advantage of the high quality buyers on #1 Automotive Website on the Net. Over 10,000 vehicles sell per week on just their Mobile Platform alone!  RSVP TODAY with Jake Olsen at 801-440-5522 or email

Overview of the Agenda:  The Online Sales Playbook – Topics

  1. The New Buying Dynamic vs. The New Selling Dynamic
  2. Increasing Competitive Intensity
  3. Areas that eBay Motors can help
  4. eBay Motors Best Practices (Listing Strategies, Merchandising, Lead Management)
  5. How to create a 100% Online Dealership Sales Experience

Seminar Details: 
When:   Wednesday, August 26th 2015
Time:     9:30am- 12:00pm
Where:   Embassy Suites Raleigh – Durham/Research Triangle 201 Harrison Oaks Boulevard Cary, NC 27513
Cost:   None, RSVP Required. Must Present Ticket


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