Fully Automated Craigslist Posting Application

Auction123’s Hands-Free Application:
Automatically Lists and Manages Your Craigslist Postings

Auction123 Fully Automated Craigslist Posting Application

The Auction123 Craigslist Application offers a fully automated process for listing and maintaining your inventory live on Craigslist. Dealers participating in this program have been reporting a large increase in inbound calls, walk-ins, and sales!

Through a series of filters and settings, you can determine which inventory should be eligible to go live on Craigslist. Let us know your store’s monthly Craigslist budget, and the application will automatically list your vehicles during the days and time range you want! Furthermore, the application eliminates the need to pre-purchase postings from Craigslist or manually enter your credit card information for each posting. Simply enter your credit card information into the application stored on your PC, and your posting fees will be automatically charged to your card.

Eye-catching ads are created using your images, vehicle data, and descriptions. Each posting displays multiple calls to action for interested shoppers to contact you about your vehicle. We also include a link to a complete vehicle details page along with a website showroom displaying your entire inventory.

As pricing and vehicle data changes, the application can revise your live ads automatically. Additionally, choose if you want to repost live ads on a set schedule or elect to have the process end your postings as your vehicles are sold.

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Craigslist Application Enabled and Payment Process Updated

You can now post to Craigslist via the Auction123 Craigslist Application and enter your Credit Card information on a post-by-post basis.  We strongly suggest you contact Craigslist to obtain a block of postings as it will assist in making the listing process much smoother.  For information on obtaining a paid posting account through Craigslist, Click Here.  If you have already purchased a block of postings from Craigslist, please contact Auction123 Customer Support at (888) 514-0123, Option 2.

To list a vehicle to Cars & Trucks by Dealer from within your Auction123 Dashboard, simply follow the process as you normally would.

  • Locate the vehicle and click Post to Craigslist in the Actions for this Item menu.
  • Select the information you want included in your post and click Next.
  • A notification will pop regarding the required Craigslist Payment. Click Pay Now to start the process.


  • Clicking Pay Now will open a new window from Craigslist.com outlining the fee associated with posting your vehicle.


  • Click Continue to initiate the payment process. Craigslist accepts American Express, Master Card, and Visa. You will not be able to make payment if using a pre-paid card or a gift card from one of the accepted card companies.


  • Enter your Credit Card information and click Purchase.
  • Your Posting is now paid for and you are ready to move onto the next vehicle. Click Finished to complete the posting process within the Auction123 Dashboard.


We are working on some exciting new features for our Craigslist Posting Application and will keep you notified as new functionality is released. If you have any questions, please contact Support at (888) 514-0123, Option 2 or via email at Support@Auction123.com.

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