Craigslist Campaign Solutions Added to Auction123’s Automated Listing Tools

Campaign solutions

Easily Target Local Buyers with
Hands-Free Craigslist Campaigns

We’ve launched a new enhancement to the Auction123 Automated Craigslist Application offering complete control over how you market inventory on Craigslist! Our Craigslist Campaign Solutions provide the opportunity to customize every setting in our Craigslist automation system, allowing you to tailor all aspects of your Craigslist postings on a campaign by campaign basis.  By creating campaigns for your Craigslist marketing initiative, you can free up your time to focus on working with your leads and eliminate the time spent posting and managing your Craigslist ads.

With our Craigslist Campaign Solutions, you can:

  • Customize ad content based on the type of inventory being posted.
  • Set different budgets for each Craigslist location you post to.
  • Launch ads at specific times throughout the day.
  • Upload unique watermarks for each campaign.
  • Assign contacts per region or by inventory type.
  • A/B test to see which campaigns generate the most traffic.

Creating targeted Craigslist marketing campaigns provides even more flexibility to our Craigslist automation by targeting exactly where you want, when you want, and how you want. Set up your Craigslist campaigns one time and allow our hands-free automation to take over the entire listing process.

Call (888) 514-0123 or email to get started today!

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