Auction123 Enhances System with CARFAX History-Based Value Pricing Tool


Sell More Vehicles & Earn More Profit
with Competitively Priced Inventory

CARFAX Advantage Dealers using Auction123’s solutions for dealer websites, inventory management, and automated marketing tools for sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay, can now check vehicle pricing against the CARFAX History-Based Value for all used inventory within your Auction123 system. The CARFAX History-Based Value goes beyond just suggesting retail pricing by weighing both the market value of a specific vehicle along with each VIN’s unique history to create a more accurate pricing model for your dealership’s inventory.

CARFAX’s History-Based Value offers a deeper insight, taking into account each vehicle’s information including number of accidents, number of owners, and service history. With this powerful data, you can easily determine how each specific VIN should be priced, instead of pricing based solely on the market value of vehicles that match the options and condition of select makes and models.

Filter your inventory to view VINs priced above or below the CARFAX History-Based Value and review the data that contributed to the value of each vehicle. Interested in how the trim, color, condition, and added features for each VIN can affect the CARFAX History-Based Value? We’ve added a tool to see how changes to the vehicle data affects pricing, helping you to identify the best vehicles to source in the future.

This powerful pricing tool is FREE with your Auction123 subscription and available to all CARFAX Advantage Dealers. Contact the Auction123 team to get your CARFAX account information synced with your Auction123 system to start taking advantage of this enhancement today!

New Feature – Cloning Inventory In Your Auction123 Dashboard

We have added the ability to clone inventory in the Auction123 Dashboard. This feature is available for all non passenger vehicles, including RVs, Campers, Commercial Trucks, Powersports, Motorcycles, Heavy Equipment, Trailers, Boats, and all other supported inventory items that are not classified as passenger vehicles.

Clone Inventory - Actions for this item menu2

To get started, find the unit in your Auction123 Dashboard you would like to clone. This can either be a unit you have manually created or one that was imported from your inventory file. From the Actions For This Item menu, click on Clone Item.

Clone Item

From here, you can enter the VIN and Stock Number for the new unit and choose if you would like to copy the images from the original unit to the new unit. Click Clone Item and you have now successfully created a new inventory item in your Auction123 system! This new item is not associated with or connected to the original unit, so any changes you make to either item will not affect the other.