eBay Motors Best Practice – Auto Lower Reserve Settings

Did you know that lowering your Reserve Price on your eBay Motors National listings is a proven way to boost the final bid price and increase the number of bids you receive? Auction123 provides an easy way to automate this process so you can lower the Reserve Price (“tickle your listing”) on a set schedule for all your National listings. eBay’s studies have found that tickling your listing at least two times during your 7 day Auction will generate more interest and cause your Bidders and Watchers to take action. Lowering the Reserve (even by a dollar) will automatically send out a notification to your Bidders. Additionally, any Watchers of your Auctions will see a notification on their eBay account that your listing experienced a drop in the set Reserve Price. Scheduling your Reserve to be automatically lowered can generate five to six more bids per listing and will increase the probability of your Auction’s success by 50%!

To locate this setting within your Auction123 Dashboard, navigate to the Preferences Menu along the left-hand side of the dashboard and click on Account. Click on the eBay tab and expand the Auto Lower Reserve section on the bottom of the window. Check the Enable Auto Lowering Reserve box and set the start time and frequency for your listings to be lowered. Once set, click Save All.

All members of Auction123’s Sales and Support teams are Certified eBay eDealer Consultants and are happy to assist with any questions you may have regarding eBay best practices and selling strategies. If you are just getting started or getting back into utilizing eBay Motors to sell units and generate leads, ask about our discounted eBay listing packages.


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