Protect your Inventory – Set Watermarks Across All Images or On the First Image Only


The Auction123 Image Management System allows you to apply a watermark to all images that are imported or uploaded to your Auction123 Dashboard. Many of our dealers utilize this feature to brand their dealership name and/or logo while maintaining security over their vehicle images. We have added functionality to this feature by including the option to only display the watermark on the first image of each vehicle in your Dashboard.

To access this new setting:

  • Navigate to the Auction123 Image Management System by clicking on an image within the data grid or within the Preview & Edit/Review& Launch view.
  • Click on the Global Watermarks tab within the top navigation menu.
  • Upload and Select the watermark to be displayed on your vehicle images.
  • Select the Only First Image option above the watermark preview screen.
  • Click Save Selection below the watermark preview screen

Please contact our Customer Support department if you have any questions regarding our watermark settings screen or questions on any aspect of the Auction123 system.

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