80 Character Seller Provided Titles for your eBay Listings


eBay has increased the number of characters they will accept in the Seller Provided Title field from 55 to 80. Your eBay Seller Provided Title is very beneficial to your ad as all text within this field is searchable. During the creation of your eBay listing within the Auction123 system, we will attempt to automatically populate this field with a keyword rich Title. To take advantage of the increased character limit, you can edit the eBay Title within your Dashboard by adding up to 80 characters within this field.

Editing your eBay Title within the Auction123 System:

Be sure to edit the Title prior to listing your vehicle on eBay. If the vehicle is already live as a National Listing, you can edit the sub title if the vehicle does not have any bids. If the listing is a live Local Market ad, you can edit the title if the vehicle does not have any pending offers.

  • Navigate to the eBay View of the vehicle you wish to edit
  • Click on the eBay Seller Provided Title link within the eBay details to open the Listing Editor
  • Add additional characters to the auto-generated title or use our Keyword Suggestions link to see suggested keywords for your listing
  • Click Save Listing to apply your Title edits

Click Here to learn more about this change.

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