Save Time Printing Stickers and Making Pricing Adjustments with Our Bulk Actions Features


Auction123 offers the ability to adjust your pricing within the Auction123 Dashboard instantaneously on a bulk scale. Our Bulk Actions for pricing provides the functionality to increase or decrease various pricing fields by a set percentage or dollar amount. To perform any Bulk Action, simply navigate to the left-hand menu within your Auction123 Dashboard and click Bulk Actions. Once within the Bulk Actions screen, you can choose to Print Window Labels, Adjust Pricing, Edit Field Locks, or Revert your previous pricing

You can revert the most recent pricing adjustment anytime. Navigate to the Bulk Actions link within the left-hand menu of your Auction123 Dashboard. Upon clicking Revert Price Adjustment, you can review all vehicles that will be affected by the reversing of the last adjustment. The new values for the pricing fields will be displayed in this view.

Editing/Removing Field Locks:


You can easily remove your Import Field Locks on a global scale.

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