Required Updates Needed to your Auction123 Craigslist Application

On Monday, August 14th, you will need to update the Auction123 Craigslist application running on a Windows PC(s) at your dealership.  These updates are due to security certificate changes with the application and are necessary for your Craigslist tool to function. Once we push these changes live, you should receive a notification that an update is available or you can check for updates yourself. Follow the instructions below to complete the process.

Right-click on the “123” logo in your system tray and select “Check for Updates.”

MicrosoftTeams-image (2)

Once completed, you will see a pop-up stating “Windows protected your PC”. You will then need to click on “More info“, then click the button that states “Run anyway” to start the process.

A window will then open asking if you would like to install the Auction123 Launcher Application. Click “Install” to complete the update process.


If this process is not completed prior to 8/22/2017, the Auction123 Craigslist Application will no longer run, disabling your ability to list or manage postings. Please contact Auction123 Support at (888) 514-0123, Option 2 if this occurs or if you need any assistance.



Craigslist Enhancement – Customize Your Posting Layout

We have added the ability to set the order content will display within your Craigslist postings. Choose what content will be included and the order it will display in your ads by default across all listings.

To modify the order of your Craigslist posting:

  • Login to the Auction123 Dashboard
  • Within the left-hand navigation menu, locate the Preferences menu and click on Feeds
  • Click on the Craigslist tab
  • Locate the Configure Ad Options section.

From here, you can choose which widgets are included within your Craigslist postings by dragging each to the window on the right labeled “Template”. Any widgets that remain in the window on the left will not be included in your Craigslist postings.


Within the “Template” window on the right, set the order you want the content displayed by dragging the widgets up and down to reorder. If you have selected “Vehicle Data & Options” to display within your template, choose within the Additional Options section below if you want the full bulleted list of specifications or just the 8 Showroom Summary Bullets to be displayed within your postings.

Once you have everything set, click Save at the bottom of the page. Your changes will be reflected for any new postings going forward.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Call: (888) 514-0123, Option2

Craigslist Application Update – Automatically Pay Craigslist Fees With Your Credit Card

The Auction123 Craigslist App now provides an option to enter and save your Credit Card information within the application on your PC. This new feature eliminates the need to purchase listings in bulk from Craigslist. Your card will be automatically charged $5 as each posting goes live on site.

To enabled auto payment using your credit card:

  • Locate the ‘123’ logo of your Craigslist application in your system tray.
    • If you don’t see the ‘123’ logo, you may need to click on the arrow to show all of your running applications or search your programs/files for Auction123 Launcher from the Start Menu to open the application.
  • Right-click the ‘123’ logo and select Credit Card.


  • Enter your Credit Card information and the main contact for any Craigslist payment related questions. Once completed, click Save.

credit card

Your credit card has now been stored on your PC and will be used to automatically pay your Craigslist posting fees as each ad goes live. If you have installed the application to more than one PC for your account, you will need to add the Credit Card information to each PC that has an installed application.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Call: (888) 514-0123, Option 2

New Features! Craigslist Scheduling and Automated Craigslist Posting Process

Since Craigslist converted to $5 per posting in the Cars & Trucks by Dealer category, we’ve been hard at work to create the best possible Craigslist integration available to automotive dealers! As a result, our dealers have been reporting phenomenal traffic and sales statistics resulting from their Craigslist posting initiatives. Our new automated Craigslist posting process and our post scheduling tools are not just for dealers posting to the Cars & Trucks by Dealer category. RV, Commercial Truck, Motorcycle, Powersports, Boat, Campers, Heavy Equipment, and Trailer dealers can all benefit from our new streamlined process to easily and effortlessly launch your inventory to the #1 online Classified site.

For dealers interested in a hands-free process, we offer a new, fully automated listing method designed to provide your dealership with the best possible exposure. Once setup, the process will list the units you want, when you want, leaving you and your team more time to work with the leads that you receive from your high quality Craigslist postings. First, determine the number of postings that you want to go live each month. A series of filters and settings will then determine which units should be eligible to be posted and the order in which they are posted. Let us know the days you want the postings to go live and your preferred time range for optimal exposure. Your selected vehicles will then be launched from your Auction123 account to your Craigslist account directly from your PC. Let us know if we should automatically revise your postings or if you would like us to remove as the units are marked sold in your Auction123 account.

If you are seeking an option that allows you more control, choosing the day and time you want each unit to go live, we now offer a Craigslist posting scheduler. Simply choose the unit, set the posting schedule, and your listing will be pushed live from your PC at the selected time.

These options are currently available for any free posting category and to dealers who have pre-purchased bulk postings from Craigslist. We will be rolling out integration for dealers who pay-per-posting very soon!

Call us today to get setup on the new application: (888) 514-0123, Option 2

Visit the Auction123 website to learn more about all our inventory marketing tools: