Required Restart of Auction123 Craigslist Application For Craigslist Ad Listing Automation

A recent Windows Update may have force restarted your Windows desktop that hosts your installed Auction123 Craigslist Application. The Auction123 Craigslist Application is required to be online for your inventory automated ads to be listed onto Craigslist.

To restart your Auction123 Craigslist Application:

  1. Go to your Windows desktop that hosts your Auction123 Application and click on the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Under All Apps search for or start typing out Auction123 Launcher.
  3. Click on Auction123 Launcher to start the application.
  4. In the lower right of the screen next to the the timeclock, verify the yellow Auction123 logo is displaying for the Auction123 Craigslist Application.

Once the above steps are completed your Auction123 Craigslist ad listing automation will resume automatically. If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the Auction123 Support team at 888-514-0123.

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