Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool

On September 13th, Facebook stopped showing inventory from Partner Catalog Feeds on Facebook Marketplace. However, inventory from the feed that we continue to send will still show on your Vehicles tab of your business page.

One thing that’s for sure, this has drastically lowered inventory counts on Marketplace, as many dealerships have had no way to get their inventory posted without manually posting their units one by one. This means that the dealers who do continue to pursue posting to Marketplace will see increased, higher quality, leads.

What we have done to ensure you are in the best position to succeed is to create a new Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool. Auction123’s Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool will allow you to post multiple inventory listings to Marketplace at a time. The tool saves you time and allows you to feature more inventory on Facebook than your competitors.

To install the application and begin posting, simply follow the steps below.

  • Login to your Auction123 Dashboard
  • Navigate to Account Settings, which is on the left navigation bar under Preferences
  • Click the Facebook Marketplace tab at the top of the page
    • Note: If you do not see this tab, please contact Auction123 Support
  • Review the three links on this page which provide the following –
    • A PDF to installation and usage steps
    • A PDF to Frequently Asked Questions
    • A link to a video that can walk you through installation and usage of the application
  • Once you have reviewed the setup and usage instructions, click ‘Download Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool Installer’
  • Once the installer has been downloaded, click it to begin installation
  • Windows will provide prompts to complete the installation

Once installed, you will be able to open the application by clicking the Windows icon on your task bar and then search for ‘Auction123 Facebook Posting Tool’. Open the application and login with your Auction123 credentials to get started!

If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the Auction123 Support team at 888-514-0123.

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