Craigslist Enhancement – Add Craigslist Specific Content to your Postings

Criagslist Descriptions - Layout Editor

You can now customize your Craigslist template by adding Craigslist specific descriptions throughout your postings! This content will automatically appear across all of your Craigslist ads, providing an excellent opportunity to include more information within your Craigslist template.

  • Under Preferences in the left-hand navigation menu of the Dashboard, click on Descriptions.
  • Click on the Craigslist tab.
  • Set a title for your description, enter the content you would like to appear on all postings, and click Save All.
    If you wish to enter multiple descriptions in your Craigslist template, click Add New after saving and repeat the process.
  • When you are done entering your description(s), click on Feeds in the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Click on the Craigslist tab.
  • Scroll to the section titled Configure Ad Options. From here, drag and drop the Craigslist description boxes wherever you want your content to appear in your postings.
  • Once positioned, select which saved description you would like to display for each Craigslist Description widget you’ve added to the template.


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