Virtual Photo Booth – Automated Image Enhancement

Enhance your online presentation with our new Virtual Photo Booth!  When your shoppers are scanning website after website searching for their next vehicle, your first image can make or break your opportunity to capture their attention and make a good first impression. By offering a clean, professional gallery image highlighting just your vehicle, and not the background clutter of your dealership’s lot, you can drive more page views and click-throughs from your online marketing.  When you add the Virtual Photo Booth to your current Auction123 package, you can save countless hours moving and staging your vehicles to get the perfect shot. Let our system literally grab your vehicle out of your image and place it within a clean setting of a virtual studio or “staged” in front of that perfect image of your dealership’s storefront!

Our Virtual Photo Booth offers hands-free photo clipping designed to boost your dealership’s brand recognition and provide a better customer shopping experience. Your images will be presented in a polished and professional manner without the risk and hassle associated with moving vehicles around your lot. Best of all, our quick turnaround ensures your enhanced images will be seamlessly distributed to all of your online marketing channels including AutoTrader,, Craigslist, eBay Motors, Facebook, and your dealership’s website!

Call today for more information at (888) 514-0123, Option 2 or email




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