New Features Coming Soon to Our Craigslist Posting Tools!

As many of you have probably heard, Craigslist will begin charging $5 per posting in the Cars & Trucks by Dealer category beginning December 3rd. In light of this news, we here at Auction123 have been developing some exciting new features to accommodate these changes. Our goal is to simplify your Craigslist posting process and to assist in the management of your Craigslist posting budget.

Craigslist has been updating their message to the dealer community since the announcement on the FAQ page below. Be sure to check back often.

If you are planning on posting more than the occasional handful of vehicles, we advise that you sign up for a paid posting account through Craigslist. To apply, complete the form here: Once you’ve submitted the form, call Craigslist billing at 415-399-5200 x8283 to purchase postings in bulk.

For now, it appears you can purchase bulk postings via check with a minimum purchase of $2000 (400 postings) or by Credit Card with a minimum purchase of $500 (100 postings).  If you are paying by check, payment must be received in advance of posting. If you have pre-purchased a minimum of $2000 worth of postings, you can request to receive invoices going forward. Blocks of car/truck by-dealer postings are currently available for the cities/posting regions listed here:

We will keep you in the loop as new posting features become available. Stay tuned!

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