Craigslist To Charge $5 per Post for RVs and Motorcycles

Craigslist added information to their website this week announcing they will begin charging $5 per posting for the RV and Motorcycle categories starting November 15th. Craigslist did the same for the Cars & Trucks category in 2013 and since the change, automotive dealers have seen a significant boost in leads and walk-in traffic as a result. Additionally, paid postings allows the ability for dealers to launch their units in multiple markets without experiencing the flagging, ghosting, and IP blocking issues experienced in the free posting categories. We are optimistic this update will see the same results for RV and Motorcycle dealers.

You can pay for your postings using either of the following options:

  • Add your Credit Card to your Auction123 application stored on your PC. $5 will be automatically charged to your credit card for each posting that is launched from your account.
  • Prepurchase postings from Craigslist. You can buy a block of postings in advance from Craigslist for each location you want to post to. Prepurchased postings never expire. You can easily refill your block of postings directly from your Craigslist account as needed.

The Auction123 automated Craigslist posting application offers the opportunity to set the number of postings you want to go live each month, making budgeting a breeze.

To get started with the automated posting process, or to modify your existing posting settings, please contact Auction123 Support at (888) 514-0123, Option 2 or email

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