Experiencing Image Uploader Issues? Instructions to Re-Install the Uploader for Internet Explorer

If you happen to run into issues with using our image uploader via Internet Explorer, here are a few steps to follow to update to the newest version.

From within Internet Explorer hit Tools -> Internet Options -> Browsing History: Delete -> Make sure only “Temporary Internet files and website files” & “Cookies and website data” are checked, then hit Delete.
IE info

Once that has finished, close Internet Explorer completely. Re-open Internet Explorer and go to Tools -> Manage add-ons -> Show: All add-ons -> Select each instance of “Image Uploader Control” -> Click “More information” -> Hit “Remove”.
IE info2

Close and re-open Internet Explorer, then navigate to our image tools and re-install the latest version. These steps may require system admin rights to complete. If that is the case, please contact your IT department and have them run these steps as an administrator.

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