Instantly Contact Customers with the Auction123 Auto-Responder

You can now setup and customize an automated response to your customers for any contact form that appears within your inventory vehicle details pages or within your eBay listings. Choose to send the same message for all contact forms or customize the message on a per form basis! Once you enable the Auto-Responder, you can use the provided default message, setup a new default for all of the responders you want enabled, and even customize separate default messages for all inventory inquiries or eBay inquiries.

This feature is especially useful for your eBay customers. Let them know right away that you will be calling them to discuss their bid and answer any questions they have about the vehicle! The Auto-Responder system will give you a jump start on the eBay selling process!

In addition to your customized message, the Auto-Responder email will include a picture of the vehicle, a link to the full vehicle listing, your contact information, and a link to your Auction123 inventory showroom, which will be filtered to display similar vehicles to the unit your customer inquired about.

To enable the auto-responder for some or all of your Auction123 contact forms, follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to the Preferences menu on the left-hand side of your Dashboard and click Contact.
  • Click on the Auto-Responder tab.
  • Click the Enable Auto-Responders box. The Auto-Responder has now been enabled for all forms within your Auction123 listings and will send the preset message by default.


  • To DISABLE the auto-responder for some of your Auction123 forms, select each form and click Disable. If you want to disable the form for all Inventory or eBay ads, simply disable the Inventory Default or eBay Default and the Auto-Responder will be disabled for all forms under that category.


  • The Default Message is applied to all Auto-Responder messages unless you edit a category Default message or an individual form message. Editing the main Default will update all enabled messages unless you have saved a custom message.


  • If you are listing to eBay Motors, we recommend you set a custom message specifically for your eBay Bids and Offers. You can use these messages as a opportunity to let the customer know that you have their contact information and will be calling them shortly. As an eBay Preferred Service Provider, Auction123 will send you the name, telephone number, email address, and location for each person who places a bid or makes an offer.


  • The email sent to your customer will include your contact information, a photo of the vehicle, a link to the full vehicle details page, and a link to Similar Vehicles you have in stock. This link will direct them to a showroom of all the inventory within your Auction123 Dashboard filtered to display the most similar vehicles first.



If you have any questions on this feature, please call or email our Support Team:
(888) 514-0123, Option 2

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