How Are You Using QR Codes at your Dealership?



Auction123 has offered window stickers integrated with QR codes for some time now. The real question is, are the customers using them?

In many examples of QR code marketing, the scanned code is not directing the potential customer to a sensible website or landing page. More often than not, QR codes are directing potential customers to a company’s full website. The problem is, most of the popular smart phones do not support Flash based web design, which is used on an estimated 50% of the world’s most popular websites (and most likely on yours too). When considering QR code marketing, bringing your customer to a mobile friendly page with information that makes sense with the code scanned is the way to go. Our Auction123 QR code window sticker functionality directs the “scanner” to a mobile vehicle presentation of the exact car that has sparked their interest.

How are you using this technology in your dealership? Let’s face it, most people shopping on your lot will not have the app downloaded to scan a QR code. Some may not even know what the QR codes mean! The real question is, how does you shopper know the benefit of scanning the code if your sales team isn’t discussing it with them? In many scenarios, the marketing use of the QR code is all dependent on if the target audience performs an unprovoked action. However, in your dealership, the sales personnel can start using the QR code as a way to connect the shopper with the vehicle. When faced with the ever common need to “sleep on it”, a sales representative can offer a great way for the shopper to keep looking at the vehicle from home. Download the free scanner and walk the customer to the car to scan the code. That’s the perfect time to explain they will have access to all the photos, specifications, and tools on the mobile vehicle presentation. If the customer is opposed to downloading the app, scan the QR code for them and text or email the link. Remind the prospect they can now access all inventory on the lot from the mobile inventory showroom, in the event they have been eyeing additional vehicles. The QR code can also be used by dealership personnel as a way to quickly access your mobile inventory showroom and show customers additional inventory in stock.

Start using the QR code window sticker as an “in-house” sales tool and let us know your feedback!

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