Data Import Enhancements

Auction123 proudly announces additions to the most powerful data collection and processing functionality available to dealerships today. Our new importing features support data imports for all vehicle categories including RVs, Commercial Trucks, Motorcycles, Powersports, Marine, and Aviation. Integrating your data files with our system ensures your inventory is always up-to-date and accurate. There are a few different ways to load data into the Auction123 Inventory Management and Marketing System: DMS Polling, Web Services, receiving or retrieving a file via FTP, or by manually uploading your own inventory files via the web-based software.

Auction123’s flexible data solutions provide dealerships with many options when importing, exporting, and displaying inventory.

Examples include:

  • Merging data from multiple Auction123 accounts – Example: A dealership group using multiple Auction123 accounts can have a portal site displaying their entire group’s inventory, or you can choose to display all inventory on each rooftop’s website.
  • Splitting one DMS data file into multiple Auction123 accounts – Example: For a dealership group with one DMS system, Auction123 can split the data to different Auction123 accounts, allowing each rooftop the ability to manage their own inventory.
  • Combining data from multiple sources into one Auction123 account – Example: New vehicle data from one source and used vehicle data from another source can be combined into one Auction123 account.

Our new Field Level Locking enhancement allows dealers to lock or unlock over 50 fields of data on a per-vehicle basis. With our Daily Import Summary, dealerships can now see the date of the last import, as well as the number of vehicles that were Added, Updated, and Marked Sold.

Field Locking:

Through our web-based software, field data changes can be locked on a per-vehicle basis, and will remain unaltered during future imports. For example, changing an internet price in your Auction123 web-based software will automatically lock this data, preventing imported data from overriding your changes. When any field is locked, you will have the ability to see and/or select the data from the previous import. Unlocking a field automatically allows the imported data to override any changes and resumes import refreshing for that field.


Import Summary:

You can now see a report detailing your last import directly from your Auction123 Dashboard. The Import Summary displays the date of the last import, as well as the number of vehicles that were Added, Updated, and Marked Sold.


*The following features can be implemented by your Auction123 Support Representative.


This feature acts as a “fail safe” in the event a problem occurs with your import file. The process works as follows:

  • Auction123 will not allow your data to update if the imported data has changed by more than your predetermined threshold. To set this, simply determine what would constitute the halting of your imported data. For example, your import file contains pricing updates that would affect more than 25% of your vehicles.
  • If the import is over your set threshold, Auction123 will not allow an update of data until your dealership has been contacted to confirm the changes are legitimate.

Contact your Auction123 Support Representative to set the following thresholds:

  • Total Percent Different
  • Added Percent
  • Updated Percent
  • Removed Percent
  • Split Percent
  • Filtered Percent


Auction123 is a centralized management solution. It is advised that you allow Auction123 to import all vehicle data and then set filters based on your specifications.

  • Auction123 can flag your inventory upon import. For example, wholesale items can arrive in an import and be flagged “remove from internet.” Doing this ensures that all wholesale vehicles will be excluded from your website and/or retail marketplaces. These vehicles are still in your system and ready for Auction123 to send to eBay Motors and/or Craigslist.
  • Based on your criteria, we can also exclude vehicles from being imported (i.e. exclude all wholesale vehicles).

To implement Filters or Thresholds, or for any questions regarding these new features, contact support at 888-514-0123, Option 2

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