CARFAX History Report Enhancements

CARFAX has launched CARFAX Connect which enhances the way Auction123 communicates with and retrieves Vehicle History Reports from your CARFAX account.

This new enhancement will give you:

  • Quick access to the most accident and damage information from CARFAX; 
  • Easy auto-run functionality of CARFAX Vehicle History Reports for Advantage customers; and, 
  • Better access management and tracking of who is running CARFAX Vehicle History Reports for your dealership across all third party tools.   

To continue to retrieve CARFAX Vehicle History Reports through Auction123 and have access to these exciting new features, you will need to update your CARFAX settings in your Auction123 account.

If you have an email username from CARFAX, please go to the Account Settings page in your Auction123 dashboard, once there click the History Reports tab and then click the new “Log in to CARFAX” button.  Simply enter your CARFAX email username and password to access CARFAX Reports.   

If you do not have an email username from CARFAX or have forgotten your username, please reach out to CARFAX for more assistance.  

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