Founded in 2001, Auction123, Inc. is the leading provider of website development, inventory management, automotive industry video marketing and online marketing solutions for dealerships of all categories including Automotive, RV & Camper, Powersports, Motorcycle, Marine, Commercial Truck, and Aircraft. Our award winning web-based software offers tight and seamless integration between the Dealer Management System (DMS), the dealer’s website(s), eBay Motors, Craigslist, Facebook, and all third-party classified websites.

Field Service Representatives are located nationwide to assist our clients with on-site vehicle photography, services, support, and training. We offer comprehensive training on best practices for Internet marketing and world class support services. The company’s focus is to not only provide the tools for success, but to also educate dealers on best practices and strategies for optimizing their success. The dedication of Auction123’s staff combined with innovative technology provides dealerships the ability to save considerable time and money, while dramatically improving their sales, margins, and leads. Our software was built for dealers by dealers.

With over 9,000+ registered customers, Auction123 continues to develop offerings consistent with the ever-changing landscape of Internet marketing and will maintain its mission to be the industry leader for providing the best online marketing tools available. A privately held company, Auction123, Inc. is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

To learn more about how Auction123 can take you dealership to the next level, contact us at (888) 514-0123 or email Info@Auction123.com.

Visit our website at http://auction123.com

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